Best Ways To Raccoon Proof Your House

Raccoons have become a home nightmare in many home and they can easily spread rabies but you need not to worry you can easily make your house raccoon proof. Raccoons are nocturnal animals and they love to live in the dark you need to light up your home well especially outside in your attic and around your compound and they will flee from the light . We asked a raccoon removal company for some input. Here are the tips:

If your boards are rotten replace them and also seal off any holes near the windows and chimney in your home to avid having the raccoons entering your house. Trim down tree branches that are near your house or even hanging limbs from trees to avoid raccoons climbing down from the chimney since this is how they easily get to your house.

When it comes to garbage they are the number one raccoon attractors therefore tightly seal your garbage containers well especially the smelly trash like fish, or use heavy duty trash bags and you can also consider keeping the trash in your garage or in a shed. You can also use raccoon repellant,a pine scented cleaner or a cloth soaked with ammonia which can be easily purchased online.

clean your home well and regularly using ammonia around your home especially in the chimney windows and attic. Raccoons do not like to come into contact with humans so you can turn on the local talk show to scare them
off especially around the attic since they will think that there people in the house. Buy a raccoon traps and place them around your house by setting set the bait at the back of the trap.
Raccoon proof your house buy screening your chimney well or use a commercial cap.

If you try all the above ways but the are still adamant you can hire a pest control professional who will help you keep the raccoons away from your home.