Finding Signs Of Mice During A Renovation

Signs of mice

There are rare places in the world where mice infestations are nonexistent. However, other unfortunate home or business establishments do have those telltale signs that rodents are cohabiting with the true occupants. Unbeknownst to most people who are busy with their everyday lives, some clues remain unseen due to the fact that the details are miniscule that they can be ignored easily until the day that renovation takes place. Sometimes it is not an infestation, but it always helps to take necessary precautions. They are smart creatures and in order to outsmart them, make sure that no area is left unturned during a renovation. We asked local exterminator from Pest Control Oakville professionals for some suggestions. Jim kindly provided suggestions and told us about some signs to look out for are listed below to help homeowners or business owners to prevent any future infestation.

Mice Excrement

Also known as mice droppings, these are mostly visible in areas where food is nearby or there is a small enclosed area where mice can take shelter or breed. They are granular in shape and can carry a virus, therefore, they should be removed immediately and the area should be disinfected thoroughly.

Chew Marks

They can be found on cardboard boxes or other easy-to-tear food containers. Even papers are gnawed by mice and those are near their nesting places. Clothes are also often found torn by mice especially those that still have a faint odor of food on them. Small teeth marks are easily distinguishable and evident that the mice know where food is always kept.

Squeaking Sounds

Most often, these are the easiest giveaway signs that mice are indeed present in the area. The squeaking noises are high pitched and can be heard even at an unusual time of the day.

Urine Tracks

They are noticeable due to the smell that accompany them. It has that unmistakeable odor that is unforgettable once smelled.

If you too have seen mouse signs during a renovation, then you should consult a professional exterminator. You can learn more about mouse control services and be certain that they are for you before you call one.