How to Get Rid of Squirrels From Your Attic

When a family of squirrels infiltrate your attic they become nagging due to the noise they produce. The noise is produced especially during the day as they make their rackets and voraciously chew on anything and everything they find. The squirrels are cute little creatures that have a bushy tail. Once they hibernate in your attic they become very destructive rodents. It’s therefore, important to learn different tips of avoiding them in your attic.

These tips provided by squirrel control company in Toronto and include following:

1. Sealing the attic

It’s important to seal any large holes in your attic. This can be done using wire mesh around the chimney and any other vents. Any chewed-out holes leading to the outside of your house should be patched.

2. Create an exit

Creating an outlet for any hibernating squirrel is a good alternative. An exit can be made from a funnel created from sheets of metal or wire mesh. The outlet funnel should have a specific design such that one end of it should be larger, and the other end should be narrow. The wider end should be placed to the remaining hole of the attic, and the narrow end should extend outside. Once the squirrels find their way out through the funnel, they will not be able to find their way back as the narrow end will not accommodate them.

3. Push them out

Once you create an exit funnel, it’s important to draw them out. This can be done by placing some food at the narrow mouth of the funnel. Foods that are suitable include peanuts and apple slices. This will encourage them to come out and feed on the available food.

4. Set the right trap

At a hidden area of the attic, it is also important to place a live cage trap. This will trap them since the squirrels are more likely to approach the trap in such for food. To trick the squirrels, it is important to position the trap out of the way and remember to use appetizing foods such as peanuts butter and walnuts.

5. Scare the squirrels off

This is another best method where sound from a radio can be used to scare them off. Furthermore, one can use ultrasonic repellent inside the attic. This produces a high decibel noise that makes the attic unbearable for squirrels.